Giovanni Pedrini or Gian Pietro Rizzi

Alias: Giampietrino    Geboren: Unknown Birth and death, active 1495  - Gestorben: 1549    Standort: Der Correggio Room

An artist whose name has been confused throughout history, but has become known as either, Giovanni Pedrini, Gian Pietro Rizzi, Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli or simply, Il Giampietrino. He is most notable for having studied and worked in the studio of Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519). Here Giampietrino is documented as Gian Petro in Leonardo’s workshop in Milan before 1500. Due to recent evidence, he is no longer thought to also be the artists, Giovanni Pedrini or Pietro Rizzo.

His known works include Virgin and Child with Saint, an altarpiece painted for the Church of San Marino in Pavia. There is also a collection of privately commissioned works he executed depicting the Virgin and Child, Mary Magdalene, Lucrezia, Cleopatra, Sophonisba and Diana the Huntress. These works all show an immense influence from Leonardo and are connected in style to the master’s lost painting, Leda and the Swan. Giampietrino himself painted a copy close in style to Leonardo’s original Leda and her Children, which was long thought to be the master’s.

Giampietrino’s style closely followed Leonardo’s, but he had his own grace and touch, often painting pale skin tones, and having a hint of eroticism. In the Uffizi Gallery is his piece, Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

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