«Uscio e bottega», a new initiative for Florentine schools, which connects Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery.

uffizi firenze vista dallalto

The Florentine expression «Uscio e bottega» (door and workshop) indicates the closeness between home and place of work. The name of the new initiative was born from the link between the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, that are united by the flyover in Via della Ninna.

Starting from next autumn, school pupils in Florence will be able to take part in workshops. At Palazzo Vecchio, they will observe life and places of the Medici family: they will visit public and private spaces of the building. Then they will cross the flyover, once the exclusive passage of the Grand Duke and his family, leading to the Uffizi Gallery. In the Gallery pupils will visit, the halls of the first corridor and the Tribune, in the museum closing day.

The children of the Florentine schools will come into contact with the history and art of their city, in a privileged way. The initiative aims to grow their knowledge, sensitivity and sense of responsibility toward the artistic and cultural heritage.