Master of the Baroncelli Portraits

Born: Active in Late 15th Century Located in: The Church of San Pier Scheraggio

Pierantonio Bandini Baroncelli was an Italian Banker who succeeded Tommaso Portinari as manager of the Medici Bank in Bruges. An unknown Netherlandish artist executed a portrait of Baroncelli and his wife, Maria Bonciani, which both hang in the Uffizi Gallery. This has earned the artist the title, Master of the Baroncelli Portraits. His style of painting is close to that of contemporary, Hans Memling (1430 – 1494) or an earlier Bruges painter, Petrus Christus (1410 – 1475).

His other anonymous contemporaries include The Master of the Legend of Saint Lucy and the Master of the Legend of Saint Ursula. The Master of the Baroncelli Portraits has also been identified in executing works such as, A Female Saint with a Donor and Two Women, and an Annunciation piece. (Grove Dictionary of Art)

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