Francesco di Stefano

Alias: Pesellino    Born: 1422  - Death: July 29, 1457    Located in: Filippo and Filippino Lippi Room

Born Francesco di Stefano, the artist took the surname of his grandfather, Giuliano Giuochi, called Pesello. Raised by his grandfather, Pesellino began his training and worked as an assistant in his studio. By the 1440s the artist began further training in the studio of Filippo Lippi (1406 – 1469). He collaborated with the artists Zanobi di Migliore and also Piero di Lorenzo di Pratese in the Church of the Trinitá in Pistoia.

The latter work, The Trinity, was an altarpiece left unfinished in Pesellino’s death. He also completed several works depicting the Madonna, as well as a Crucifixion piece. A predella from an altarpiece, Stories of Saints, in the Uffizi Gallery. He was better known for his cassone works (elaborate furniture décor of the Renaissance.) These included works such as, a Judgment Scene, the Story of Griselda, and, Triumphs of Petrarch. These cassone panels are seen in the Gardner Museum in Boston, and in Bergamo, Italy, while his other works are seen in Museums in Washington D.C., New York City and Toledo, Ohio.

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