Beata Umiltà Altarpiece

Author:     Painted in: 1280-1348?    Framework: Tempera on wood, 128x57    Located in: 14th Century Sienese Painting Room
Cusps of the Beata Umiltà Altarpiece - Pietro Lorenzetti (Tempera on wood, 51x21 each one.)

The altarpiece, dating from around 1340, was reconstructed according to an 18th century drawing. Originally in the women's convent of San Giovanni Evangelista in Faenza. At the Uffizi since 1919.


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Sometimes called Pietro Laurati, Lorenzetti was an influential Italian painter born in Siena and active between 1306 and 1345. He was influenced by Giovanni Pisano (1250 – 1315) and Giotto (1267 –...Read more