Venetian Artist of the 16th Century

The Bellini family of painters was highly influential to the Venetian School of painting. Such artists as Vittore Carpaccio (1460 – 1525), trained under the Bellini’s and carried their style into the 16th century. This also included Tiziano Vecelli called Titian (1485 – 1576), who was perhaps the most influential Venetian artist of the 16th Century, even all of the Renaissance. Titian himself helped to define the rich colouring that the Venetian School of painting was known for. Titian’s pupil Paris Bordone (1495 – 1570), was also a highly praised Venetian artist of the 16th century.

Jacopo Bassano (1515 – 1592) was born near Venice and his sons Francesco the Younger (1549 – 1592) and Leandro Bassano (1557 – 1622) ran a successful workshop in Venice during the 16th Century. Jacopo Negretti, known as Palma Il Vecchio (1480 – 1528) and his grandnephew Palma Il Giovane (1544 – 1628), were also well known Venetian painters during the 16th century. Palma Il Vecchio trained under Lorenzo Lotto (1480 – 1556), who was also part of the Venetian School.

Though born in Verona, Paolo Cagliari, called Veronese, was a famous Venetian painter. He is grouped together with Jacopo Comin, called Tintoretto (1518 – 1594) and Titian, who all lived during the 16ht Century and are considered the greatest Venetian painters.

There are a number of un-attributed works in the Uffizi Gallery thought to be by a 16th century Venetian artist.

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