Tiberio Tinelli

Born: 1586  - Death: 1638    Located in: The Tintoretto and Barocci Room

Tinelli is said to have been one of the most important portrait painters of Italy at the start of the 17th Century. He was praised for his portraits even to the extent of being knighted by King Louis XIII (1601 -1643) of France. His main style of painting fit within the early Baroque period, having trained in Venice with Giovanni Contarini (1549 – 1605) and following the style of the well known portraitist, Leandro Bassano (1557 – 1622). His later works came under broader influence from Anthony can Dyck (1599 – 1641), Simon Vouet (1590 – 1649) and Nicolas Régnier (1591 – 1667), who all visited Italy, giving Tinelli exposure to their work. (Grove Dictionary of Art)

His work in the Uffizi Gallery is, Portrait of the poet Giulio Strozzi, (b.1582; d. 1652), who was part of the influential Strozzi Family of Florence; additional to his poetry, he was among the first librettists of Venetian opera

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