Taddeo Gaddi

Born: Active 1300  - Death: 1366    Located in: 14th Century Florentine Painting Room
Taddeo Gaddi was an Italian painter and architect, influential to the early Renaissance. As a painter, he created altar-pieces and murals and is primarily noted as a pupil and follower of Giotto (1267 – 1337). He often assisted Giotto, where Cennino Cennini (1370 – 1440), a pupil of Taddeo’s son Agnolo, referred to Taddeo as Giotto's godson and claimed that their relationship lasted 24 years. Taddeo was the son of the Florentine Gothic artist, Gaddo Gaddi, and three of his four sons were also painters, Giovanni, Agnolo and Niccoló. As an architect, Taddeo is credited with the design of Florence’s Medieval Bridge over the Arno River, the Ponte Vecchio.

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