Saint Cecilia Master

Born: Active 1300  - Death: 1320    Located in: 14th Century Florentine Painting Room

This unknown master painter is named for the altarpiece depicting Saint Cecilia, from the church of Santa Cecilia. The piece, now in the Uffizi Gallery, is dated from 1304, and the artist has been noted as being of Florentine origin. Though the style of the painting itself, shows a great amount of influence from the late 13th Century Sienese School of painting, especially in the work’s arrangement of the Saints and separate scenes.

Still, the Saint Cecilia altarpiece also shows the influence of Florentine art, notably of Giotto (1267 – 1337). There is mention that the unknown artist may have even worked with Giotto in the Upper Church of San Francesco at Assisi, due to close similarities seen between the work of Saint Cecilia and the fresco cycle of the Life of St. Francis. There has been some attempt in attributing both these works to the elusive painter, Bounamico Buffalmacco (1315 – 1336), but this can not be proved. (Kren and Marx, Web Gallery of Art)

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