Giovanni Mansueti

Born: 1485  - Death: 1526    Located in: The Bellini and Giorgione Room

Born Giovanni di Niccolò Mansueti, he was a painter who in Venice, having studied under Gentile Bellini (1429 – 1507), of the famous Bellini family of painters. Just as his teacher, Mansueti painted with elaborate detail and accuracy. Mansueti’s work also shows a noted influence from Conegliano (1459 – 1517) and from another pupil of Bellini’s, Vittore Carpaccio (1460 – 1526). Along with Carpaccio, Mansueti had a skillful hand in depicting decorative costume on figures and the fine detail of Interiors.

His earliest documented work is from 1492, a piece titled, Symbolic Representation of the Crucifixion. A strong example of his elaborate style in composition is seen in works he painted for the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice. These works were part of the Miracles of the True Cross fresco cycle, including, The Miraculous Healing of the Daughter of Benvegnudo of S. Polo and Miracle of the Relic of the Holy Cross in Campo S. Lio.

His works are displayed in Museums throughout the world additional to the Uffizi Gallery, where his Christ among the Doctor, hangs.

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