Francesco Beccaruzzi

Born: 1492  - Death: 1562    Located in: Tiziano Room

An Italian painter from the Renaissance of whom little of his life is known. Most of his documented works were completed in the town of Conegliano, in the province of Treviso. His training or perhaps just his main influence came mostly from Giovanni Antonio Licinio, called Il Pordenone (1483 – 1539). In mostly imitative works of Il Pordenone, he also adapted a style that imitated other Venetian painters such as Titian (1485 - 1576) and Paul Veronese (1528 – 1588).

There are over fifty documented works attributed to Beccaruzzi, many of which are portraits, but also some religious subjects. One of his well known religious pieces is his, Saint Francis receiving stigmata, painted in 1545, and now in the Accademia in Venice. Of his well known portrait work is Portrait of a Man, painted around 1550, which the Uffizi Gallery acquired from the estate of Leopoldo de’ Medici (1617 – 1675).


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