Flemish Artist of the 16th Century

Born: Flemish Painting of the 16th Century Located in: The Cinquecento Corridor

Flemish painting was marked by an influence from the Italian Renaissance in the late 15th century of mostly religious subjects. Dutch and Flemish painters then began to paint more depictions of the natural world, which would be fully realized in the Baroque era, with genre painting (Everyday life), landscapes and still life works. Their work would compliment greatly the Golden Age of Dutch painting of the 16th century.

Some of the best know Flemish painters of the time were the Brueghel family dynasty of painters, including Pieter the elder, his sons Pieter the Younger and Jan the Elder, along with his son Jan the Younger and grandson Abraham. Also Joachim Patnir, Pieter Aertsen, Bernard van Orley, among many other Flemish artists of the era.

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