Carlo Caliari

Born: 1570  - Death: after 1596    Located in: Tribune

After Carlo Caliari inherited the studio of his father, Paolo Veronese (1528 – 1588), sometimes called Paolo Caliari; he painted for some years in Venice. Not as much is known about Carlo as is known about his father, Veronese. His father was born in Verona, hence the name Veronese, but established himself in Venice, where he opened a family workshop. Additional to training and working with his sons Carlo and Gabriele, was also his brother, Benedetto Caliari (1538 – 1598). Several works that Veronese left unfinished in death where completed by Carlo, Gabriele and Benedetto.

Carlo Caliari came from a line of family artists, his father and uncle before him, as well as his grandfather, who was a stonecutter and sculpture. A number of Caliari’s works about the Bible’s first man and woman are on display at the Uffizi Gallery, including The Expulsion from Earthy Paradise painted in 1586, Adam’s Family, Creation of Eve, and Original Sin.

Another young painter from Verona, Alessandro Turchi (1578 – 1649), sometimes called Alessandro Veronese, is said to have trained and worked under Carlo Caliari.


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