Tondo Doni

Author:     Painted in: c. 1506-1508    Framework: Tempera on wood, diam. 120    Located in: Michelangelo and Florentine Painters Room

Tondo Doni is a very special painting: it is the only painting on panel by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

It is round, hence its name "Tondo" which, in Italian, means round. It was a private commission; the great artist from the Renaissance in fact painted it for the rich Florentine banker Agnolo Doni (here is the reason why it is called Tondo Doni) .

Michelangelo, the great sculptor from the Renaissance, shows us here his incredible skill in painting too.

Absolutely new are the colours used by Michelangelo in his masterpiece: Mannerists will highly appreciate them.

The magnificence of this painting is now underlined by the recently restored room which houses it whose walls are of an intense red, actually crimson, a colour which catches your attention even from the corridor and which makes this room one of the most attractive of the whole Uffizi Gallery.


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