Discover the New Halls at Uffizi

The great project called “Nuovi Uffizi”, ¬“New Uffizi”, started more or less ten years ago.

It aims at making the Uffizi Gallery a place where visitors will feel more and more at ease and has already largely transformed the gallery.

Not only will this project enlarge the surface of the Uffizi Gallery dedicated to exhibiting works of art (from 5.400 to 12.000 square meters!), it will also make it easier for visitors to decide which part of this huge gallery to discover by selecting special halls.

In fact, some specific periods or geographical areas or subjects have been gathered together inside halls whose walls are painted in special colours: knowing in advance the connection between the colours and the works of art displayed inside these rooms will make it easier for you to decide whether to visit them or not.

On December 20th 2011 the very first Uffizi Gallery new halls were opened, the so called “Blue Halls”, dedicated to Foreign Painters: Spanish, French, Flemish and Dutch Painters from XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries.

Then, on June 19th 2012, the “Red Halls” came, the ones dedicated to the so called “Maniera Moderna”, the “Modern Maniera”, which indicates paintings from the XVI centuryalla maniera - in the manner” typical of the great artists from the Renaissance, especially Michelangelo.

Since December 9th 2013 it has been possible to visit the six “Yellow Halls” dedicated to XVII century Florentine Paintings.

Quite recently then, more precisely on February 18th 2014, the “Green Halls” have been opened. These two halls, displaying marble works of art (mostly Greek Portraits and Roman works of art) want us to experience the special atmosphere which was so important for the young Michelangelo!