About us

Virtual Uffizi is a guide on-line which will help you get oriented through your visit to one of the most admired and visited museums all over the world: the Uffizi Gallery.

This is a project by New Globus Viaggi s.r.l. which has been operating, over the past years, through various fields concerning tourism. What makes New Globus special is the high quality of the services it offers and the competence and courtesy that have always distinguished its way of managing group tourism in Florence, Tuscany and Italy, the same competence and courtesy which made New Globus obtain the unconditioned trust of some of the major European and world-wide Tour Operators.

What Virtual Uffizi desires to do is to give you some general information about the Uffizi Gallery and the works displayed there, in order to help you enjoy the unique experience of visiting the gallery. In addition to that Virtual Uffizi will also give you the possibility of avoiding queuing – sometimes for hours! - in front of the Uffizi ticket-office to get your entrance to the museum, by providing you an on-line booking. Not only will you be able to purchase your tickets comfortably and easily, in addition to that thanks to Virtual Uffizi you will also be able to make a reservation for a professional guided tour through the Uffizi Gallery

Thanks to the privileged relationships developed through years with suppliers, New Globus can also offer its services at undoubtedly interesting rates, still of course maintaining the high quality level that has always distinguished them.

We wish to inform you that Virtual Uffizi is not the official website of the Uffizi Gallery.

Details about halls and artworks by a Professional Certified Tour Guide