Michelangelo and Florentine Painters Room

Floor: 2

The recently restored room dedicated to Michelangelo and Florentine Painters shows works belonging to the end of 15th - beginning of 16th century.

Its walls are of an intense red, actually crimson, which catches your attention even from the corridor.

Room 35 is no doubt one of the most attractive of the whole Uffizi Gallery.

In fact, it displays the only painting on panel by Michelangelo, the so called Tondo Doni. The painting is round, hence its name "Tondo" which, in Italian, means round. It was a private commission: Michelangelo painted it for Agnolo Doni, a very rich Florentine merchant.

Michelangelo, the great sculptor from the Renaissance, shows us here his incredible skill in painting too.

Absolutely new are the colours used by Michelangelo in this masterpiece: Mannerists will highly appreciate them.

Other works by Florentine painters such as Andrea del Sarto - Noli me tangere, Franciabigio - Madonna and Child with Saints , Frà Bartolomeo - The Vision of St Bernard, Mariotto Albertinelli - Visitation etc, surround Tondo Doni.

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