Jacopo Zucchi

Born: 1541  - Death: 1590    Located in: The Cinquecento Corridor

Zucchi was a Mannerist painter from Florence; much of his early work can be traced through his training with Giorgio Vasari (1511 – 1574), His first noted works were drawings from Pisa in 1561, while under Vasari. Before this he also helped Vasari in executing the decorations in the Town Hall of Florence, the Palazzo Vecchio, between 1557 and 1563.

After his work in the Palazzo Vecchio, he entered the Accademia Del Disegno in Florence, which Vasari was head of. Vasari was an astute admirer of Michelangelo, which no doubt influenced Zucchi, who helped with the decorations of the funeral for the great master. Zucchi also shows noted influences from that of classical artists, the naturalism of the Renaissance, as well as influences from Northern European artists.

In 1572 he relocated to Rome where he was appointed to the Medici court of Cardinal Ferdinando I de’Medici (1549 – 1609), and absorbing a further influence in Roman art, such as Raphael’s (1483 – 1520) Roman period and that of Federico Zuccari (1542 – 1609). Here in Rome he painted in Ferdinando’s Palazzo Firenze and also in the Palazzo Rucellai. Of his work painted in Rome for Ferdinando are the Age of Silver, The Age of Iron and The Age of Gold, all in the Uffizi Gallery now.

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