Birth of Venus

Author:     Painted in: c. 1484    Framework: Tempera on canvas, 172.5x278.5    Located in: Botticelli Room

The Birth of Venus, together with The Primavera (Spring) by Botticelli both displayed in this room of the Uffizi Gallery, are without any doubt two of the most celebrated and admired paintings of all times.

While admiring The Birth of Venus you will pleasantly be plunged into the refined atmosphere of Florence in the period when it was painted, c. 1484, and you will experience the sense of perfect beauty represented by one of the most delicate and charming icon of female beauty.


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In the Biography of Botticelli, written by Giorgio Vasari for The Lives of the Artists, it begins, “In the time of Lorenzo de’Medici, ‘Il Magnifico’, a truly golden age for men of talent, there...Read more