Sant'Anna Metterza

作者:     期间: 1424    帮助: 木板彩画 175x103    坐落: 早期文艺复兴厅

Sant’Anna Metterza means in the ancient Italian language Saint Ann put in the third position and that is in fact the disposition of the main figures in this painting: first comes Jesus, then the Virgin Mary and, third, Anne, Mary’s mother.

This painting reveals what happened in the Florentine “botteghe” (workshops): the same work of art could be painted by more than one artist.

This is the case here: Masolino and Masaccio painted it for the Church of Sant’Ambrogio in Florence round 1424.

The importance of this painting relies mainly on the fact that it shows both the ancient style linked to the Gothic tradition in the way Masolino painted Saint Anne, and the more "modern" way of perceiving volume recognizable in the way Masaccio painted the Virgin Mary.




圣母子,以其强大的固体积占有空间的一个自信的结构方式的角度来看,是最早的作品归功于马萨乔。天使的描写,在投标形式和苍白细腻,柔和的色彩是由Masolino哥特刷的;除了在右上角显示马萨乔的天使。圣安妮图多磨损从而判断困难,但很可能是Masolino发明。 阅读更多