Girolamo da Carpi

Geboren: 1501  - Gestorben: 1556    Standort: Saal Parmigiano

An architect and painter from Ferrara, but there is not substantial biographical information available about the artist. It is said that his father, Tommaso was an artist and that he may have later studied with Benevenuto Tisi, called Il Garofalo (1481 – 1559), of the School of Ferrara. His works also show the influence one of Garofalo’s collaborators and fellow Ferrara painter, Dosso Dossi (1490 – 1542). One of his only noted paintings, Jesus in the House of Mary and Martha, is in the Uffizi Gallery.

As an architect he is mentioned to have studied the designs and style prevalent in Rome at the time. The biographer, Giorgio Vasari (1511 – 1574), documents Carpi as designing and planning several private estates in Ferrara.

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